Ionic Energy Produced by 100% Icelandic Volcanic Minerals!

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Imagine giving something to your pet that will benefit them continually as long as they wear it!

Energy Pet Tag Testimonial

Greta (13 Year Old Dachshund) – Increased Energy + Reduced Arthritis Symptoms!

Hi Ryan,

We put on the Pet Pendant a few days ago on our 13 year old Dachshund, Greta, and she became energetic nearly on the spot. We originally figured it to be the extra attention she was getting from us fussing over her. It has now been 3 days and there are 3 other people in our home who have also observed that she has a lot more energy and is running around the house like she did back 5 or more years ago. We know that this pendant is helping her with her arthritis also, she is running up and down stairs when she forgets to ask us to pick her up to do this… she loves for us to do this for her for the extra attention – but now she is doing it more and more on her own and forgetting to ask us.

I have yet to put the other two pet pendants on our boys (male dogs) but will report very soon.

Thank you so much for making this product available to us.

Marshall Johnston

What is the Energy Pet Tag?

Although it may look like a typical pet tag, the energy pet tag is anything but normal.

We add in a blend of Icelandic Volcanic Minerals which literally energizes the pet tag.

These volcanic minerals emit out energy in the form of negative ions. We actually customized our pet tags even further so they emit out the maximum negative ions possible.



How the ENERGY PET TAG will benefit your pet?

NEGATIVE IONS, they provide NUMEROUS benefits to humans AND animals.

In research studies the #1 Benefit found from exposure to an abundance of natural negative ions.



What are Negative Ions?

Everywhere in nature there are ions both positive and negative. Ions are particles in the air which carry electical charges in the atmosphere. It may sound ironic but positive ions in general are bad for us and negative ions are good for us and all biological life forms (your pet!).


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Q & A

How does this compare to Pet Tags that have Holograms which supposedly emit beneficial frequencies?
I can’t speak for these companies or their products. However I will point out that some of these hologram based energy products have been found to have absolutely no beneficial effect whatsoever! In one instance with the power balance products the owners came forward and admitted their products in fact did nothing. They were Placebos!

In our case we can give indisputable PROOF and EVIDENCE with a Negative ion testing device that our Pet Tags DO in fact emit energy! Many others out there may claim this as well however unless they can provide testing evidence there is no way to truly know! In addition to this we source ALL our volcanic minerals from Icelandic Volcanoes and have done so ever since the Fukushima incident!

So you’re guaranteed to get uncontaminated rock minerals in your pets tag!



I’ve seen another that looks like yours?

There are some standard designs that various manufacturers will use. We chose this design as we believe a soft pet tag is better than a metal one to maximize the amount of ions the minerals can emit through the material.

In addition to which although it may LOOK the same the minerals inside and where they’re sourced from can be entirely different! Not to mention a vendor can sell you a similar looking pet tag WITHOUT ANY minerals emitting energy!

As the tags can be purchase with our WITHOUT the minerals which makes a large difference in cost, so make sure there is proof of your pet tags effect!



ALL Orders come with a FREE Ionic Energy Sticker! (1 Per Pet Tag)

Put them on your cell phone/laptop/tablet!









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